Hi! I'm Rachel, thanks for stopping by my blog!

This blog is called "Urban Acreage" because we used to live on a giant lot in the middle of Omaha and spent tons of time updating and maintaining our house and yard. Then, in late 2015, I received an exciting new job opportunity which required us to move three hours south to Kansas. Now, we have found ourselves sprucing up a 1945 colonial, with a much smaller (more manageable!) yard.

During the week, I'm a marketing manager for a specialty retailer and my husband is a skilled carpenter and craftsman (how did I get so lucky?!). We are blessed with an adorable son and two rescue pups - a lab mix and a great Dane.

My goal for this blog is to show folks that it doesn't take tons of money to improve your home - Just time and determination (and maybe a little gumption). Thanks for reading and Happy DIY!



Questions or Comments? I'd love to hear from you!
Rachel Baumann

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